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I want a potted plant – what you need to consider first

I want a potted plant – what you need to consider first

  • I want a potted plant – what you need to consider first

What sort of things do you need to assess when deciding to have a potted plant? Firstly, you need to decide where you are going to place your plant, before your even decide what plant you would like. Why you ask? The reason is quite simple, the amount of daylight and shade the position gets will determine what type of plant is suitable for that position.

Now that you have decided on the position for your potted plant, go to your local Garden Centre for some advice about which plant is going to grow to the appropriate size in your chosen position. It is also a good idea to discuss whether it is more appropriate for your lifestyle to have drought tolerant plants in your pot, as opposed to a plant that requires water most days.   If you are not likely to water your pot most days, a drought tolerant variety would be more suitable, likewise if you like to get out in the garden to unwind after work, a plant with a higher maintenance regime would be suited to you.

What is one of the most important decisions to make when planting out your pot? The potting mix! You definitely get what you pay for in potting mediums. A premium terracotta and tub mix (we prefer BioGro terracotta and Tub) is best suited to most plants. Your local Garden Centre can advise which is best for you.

How often should you fertilise? Generally speaking twice a year with a slow release fertiliser, together with a liquid fertiliser from time to time, should be sufficient for most plants.

When will I need to repot? Generally, when the plant is yellowing, wilting frequently, or the tops are causing the plant to topple are signs that it is time for a new home. Also if the root are becoming pot bound, it is time for a larger pot.