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Fig Black Genoa - 330mm

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Fig Black Genoa

Ficus carica

Description: Large sized fruit, skin is purple over green with red flesh, and excellent flavour. Used for fresh fruit, drying and jam, very nutritious fruit. A large spreading tree, that produces two crops of fruit per year.

Maturity: Early summer and late autumn.

Pollinator: Self Pollinating.

Comments: Best eaten fresh or used in jams

Tree Care: Plant figs in full sun in a soil enriched with decomposed manure and compost, preferably with a neutral pH. While tolerant of most soils, figs require adequate drainage and dislike wet or waterlogged sites. Mediterranean plants, figs will tolerate periods of dry soil, but  this may reduce cropping. Mulch well at planting

Tree Size: Height 5mtr, Width 3mtr