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GroundBreaker Soil Treatment & Clay Breaker 2.8lt

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GroundBreaker® is a liquid soil conditioner that changes heavy soils or high clay content soils into a more useable form. It is an ionic exchange resin that changes the minute electronic charges on the clay particles so that they can aggregate, behaving more like normal soil particles. It is a safe, easy and effective way to obtain more useable soil and better utilisation of existing soil nutrients.

Multicrop GroundBreaker® enables :

  • Better soil water drainage.
  • Improved soil aeration.
  • Improved aerobic bacterial action.
  • More rapid break down of organic matter.
  • Soil treatment with no digging required.
  • Soil treatment to a depth of at least 10 - 15 cm, depending on the soil and its water content.
  • Easier plant root penetration into the soil.
  • More open soil to prevent water retention in holes for transplanting, therefore minimizing root rot and associated fungal/bacterial problems.
  • Initial results within a few days; maximum effects require 6 - 8 weeks.
  • Makes heavy, clay based soils much easier to work.
  • Breaks up clay without digging.
  • 2L treats up to 40m2, the same area as 40kg of Gypsum.
  • 2.8L Hose-on treats up to 56m2, the same area as 56kg of Gypsum
  • Can also be used around existing plants.
  • Available in 2L concentrate and 2.8L Hose-on Ready to Use