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Troforte M Fert-O-Lawn Fertiliser 10kg

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Langleys - Troforte M Fert-O-Lawn Fertiliser


3-4 Month controlled release nutrients

Designed specifically for lawns including Buffalo, Zoysia, Couch and Kikuyu

Up to 60 minerals and 24 species of beneficial microbes, bacteria and fungi specifically chosen to enhance lawn growth and a thicker, more luxurious appearance.

Mini-granule size to ensure the fertiliser falls in between the grass blades and on to the soil

Develops the soil and root system to drastically improve drought resistance

After continued use you will notice earthworms returning to your soil creating better drainage and soil aeration

After continued use you will notice a considerable reduction in thatch

No quick fast flush of growth. You will see gentle, sustained and even green growth with Troforte®, over an extended period of time

Beneficial microbial activity and stronger root system means enhanced protection from pests and diseases such as Pythium